Monday, July 30, 2018

New principals in the WRSD

This has been a very busy summer for the WRSD as we continue to hire new employees prior to the start of the school year.  The four principal vacancies have been filled and three of our newest building leaders began in our district on July 1st (the fourth, TPS Principal Tammy Boyle, has been appointed Principal, after service one year as Interim Principal).  All new principals have put together entry plans for their first several months and we will be working closely with them as we integrate them into the WRSD.

 - The new Paxton Center School Principal is Shawn Rickan.  Principal Rickan is a resident of Phillipston, and his most recent position was Principal/Assistant Superintendent in the Franklin County Technical School District in Greenfield.

 - Tammy Boyle of Leicester has been appointed Principal of TPS.  Principal Boyle has been with WRSD since 2015, first serving as Assistant Principal for two years, then one year as Interim Principal

 - The new Mayo Elementary School Principal is Liz Garden, a resident of Shrewsbury whose most recent administrative position was principal of the Florence Roche Elementary School in Groton.                 

 - The new Dawson Elementary School Principal is Melissa Wallace.  Principal Wallace is a Wachusett resident who lives in the town of Sterling.  Ms. Wallace was most recently an Assistant Principal in the Groton-Dunstable School District.

The four new principals are working this summer, so please join me in welcoming them to the Wachusett Regional School District.