Thursday, March 29, 2018

On the afternoon of Friday, March 9th, I had the opportunity to attend the Worcester Regional Science & Engineering Fair at WPI.  This year, twelve of our high schools students participated in this annual event.  I am always impressed with the amount of work and effort that these, and all of the students, put into their projects.  Having the opportunity to speak with the students about their projects is always a highlight for me in the month of March.   Of the twelve students competing that Friday afternoon, eight placed, plus two WRHS students (Evan Mizerak and Chris Dwyer) qualified to attend the International Fair in Pittsburgh in May.  Eight WRHS students, listed below, will be at MIT competing at the State Fair on May 4th & 5th.

Honorable Mention:

Rihanna Massoni-Nesman - The Effect of Tangerine Citric Acid on P. barbarous

Third Place:

Timmarie Gallagher - Effect of Melatonin on Tachycardic Heart Rates of Daphnia manga
Elise Mizerak - What's in Your Water?
Emily LaBelle - Gray Water Recycler 

Second Place:

Natalie Matis - The Effect of Growth Hormone on Daphnia magna Reproduction 
Julia Danko - Ceasing Coral Bleaching 

First Place:

Christopher Dwyer - How to "Fuel" your Fuel
Evan Mizerak- Isolation of Epigenetic Insights in Heritable Fertility Trends

Once again, I was absolutely astounded by the presentations made by the Wachusett students and congratulations to them all.