Thursday, March 16, 2017

On Friday, March 10th, I had the honor of attending the Worcester Regional Science & Engineering Fair at Worcester Polytechnic Institute at which twelve of our high school students were competing. I very much enjoyed my time meeting with some of the students and learning about their impressive projects.  The twelve Wachusett students who competed on March 10th are:
·         Nicole Stark (grade 11) - Daphnia magna as a Bioassay in an Ecotoxicology Study on Pharmaceuticals
·         Jennifer Kim (grade 10) - The Effect of Vitamin A and Folic Acid on the Regeneration Period of Planaria
·         Tyler Jones (grade 11) - Show Me the Way
·         Annabelle Mathers (grade 11) - Evaluating Floc Interaction
·         Christopher Dwyer (grade 10) - More Green for Less Green:  An Analysis of the Necessity of Stirring Compared to Nutrient Levels in an Algae Photo-bioreactor.
·         Julia Danko (grade 10) - Finding Better Fuels
·         Natalie Matis (grade 10) - The Effect of Arachidonic Acid on Daphnia magna Reproduction
·         Christopher VanLiew (grade 10) - The Effect of the TGF-beta1 Protein on Planarian Regeneration After Photodamage
·         Mary Zgurzynski grade (11) - Rounding Up the Disappearing Honey Bee: The Effects of Glyphosate on Apis mellifera
·         Abigale Foster (grade 10) - The Effects of Warfarin on Drosophila melanogaster Memory.
·         Jaimee Zhuge (grade 11) -  Can the Anti-diabetic Drug Metformin Be Used to Treat Alzheimer's Disease?
·         Evan Mizerak (grade 11) - Re-Evaluating Reproduction: The Transgenerational Effect of High-Fat Dairy Intake on Fertility in Drosophila melanogaster
Ten of the 12 Wachusett competitors will compete at the State Science Fair in May. WRHS junior, Evan Mizerak, won the overall top place in the Worcester Regional Science & Engineering Fair and he now qualifies to compete at the International Science Fair in Los Angeles this May as a representative of the State of Massachusetts! Congratulations to the students, their parents, Science Seminar volunteers, and the staff of the science department for these wonderful achievements.