Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I feel very fortunate that ​on a daily basis ​I have the opportunity to see how much learning occurs in ​the​ schools throughout our district.  Our teachers, support staff​,​ and administrators all work with a common goal ​--- ​ providing students with a strong foundation ​upon​ which they can build the rest of their lives.  

​Earlier this month, three schools in ​the ​Wachusett ​District ​were recognized by the Worcester Telegram and Gazette as being the Best in Central Massachusetts​.  ​Holden's ​Dawson Elementary​ School​ took the top prize for elementary schools, Mountview Middle School in Holden​ was selected as top ​m​iddle ​s​chool, and WRHS was​ named​ the top high school​ in Central Massachusetts​.   Principals ​Kelly ​Williamson, ​Erik ​Githmark and ​Bill ​Beando should all be very proud of the hard work and dedication put forth by their educational communities.  ​Every day the thirteen schools ​in our district ​make a difference in the lives of children and young adults​.  Having three of our schools be recognized as the best of the best is a well deserved honor​, ​and staff and students should be proud of their accomplishments.

​On behalf of District administration, I wish to thank all Wachusett employees for their efforts, commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm shown each and every day as we work with the students in our schools. ​