Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016

Dear Wachusett Families:

It has been a very busy summer in the Wachusett Regional School District as we prepare for the start of school on August  30th.  Since the weather has been a little warmer and drier than a typical New England summer, it has afforded us more opportunities to be outside and enjoy all of our natural surroundings here in Central Massachusetts.  Prior to commencing the school year, I would like take this time to share some information with you about our district.

This past year, our district embarked upon the very important work of creating a Strategic Plan.  Working in conjunction with the Massachusetts Association of Regional Schools (MARS), a Strategic Planning Steering Committee was created.   The Steering Committee consisted of twenty-three representatives including school staff, parents, students, and community members. The Steering Committee was initially charged with the development of a redefined vision, mission, and core values which would serve as the infrastructure for the strategic plan for the District.  In order to gain feedback, a community survey was conducted and over 2,000 responses were shared with the District.  Focus groups were also conducted in all 13 schools and in each individual town. Five learning domains have been defined from which strategic objectives, strategic initiatives, and action plans will all be crafted.  The Steering Committee has wrapped up its’ work and the Strategic Plan will be shared with the public in the very near future.

With the recent passing of the FY17 WRSD budget, our district is positioned to provide a strong education to the children who attend our schools.  With the creation of both a Technology Plan and a Professional Development Plan last spring, our district is better prepared to support our students and staff in our ever changing world.  These two documents, as well as the Strategic Plan, will also play a vital role in the annual budget preparation process and will help define the steps necessary in meeting the needs of the children who attend our schools.  

Finally, I would like to welcome Julie Carter, the new principal of Mayo Elementary School in Holden.  Julie is a strong educator whose broad experience base will add value to both the educational experiences at Mayo and across the District.  

Thank you for your support of our schools and I look forward to another productive year at Wachusett.