Thursday, October 22, 2015

FY16 WRSD budget approved

I am pleased to announce that the FY16 WRSD budget has been approved.  On October 15th, the town of Paxton voted to support the budget, thus becoming the fourth town (out of five) necessary for budget approval.  This budget will include much needed staffing at the high school and support for middle school students with middle school counselors.

We now turn our attention to the FY17 budget development process that will begin in the next few weeks.  On November 3rd, the School Committee's Business/Finance Subcommittee and I have invited town officials to a forum on the FY17 budget and to share information pertaining to the upcoming budgets for each town.  This roundtable should assist all parties involved to have a better understanding of the financial matters our towns and the District must deal with as we move into FY17.  As always, I appreciate the time and energy that member towns put into supporting our schools.