Wednesday, May 27, 2015

FY16 WRSD Budget

As you may already know, the District's proposed FY16 budget did not receive the required approval of four of the five Member Towns in order to pass.  When a budget proposed by the District is not finalized prior to the start of the new fiscal year (July 1st), a letter is sent to the Commissioner of Education requesting a 1/12th budget until a final budget can be established.  The 1/12th budget is based upon the prior fiscal year's budget (FY15) and every month 1/12th of the prior year's budget would be allocated to the District to cover expenses to operate.  This is the third year in a row that the District will have started a new fiscal year with a 1/12th budget in place because four of the five towns did not support the budget proposed by the District.  If the Wachusett Regional School District Committee establishes a new FY16 budget at the regular meeting on June 23rd, the Member Towns have 45 days to either reconvene a Town Meeting to vote on the new budget number or the towns can accept the new budget without having a Town Meeting.  In any case, I will be sharing some recommendations with the School Committee on June 23rd about possible reductions to the proposed FY16 budget and what impact these proposed reductions will have on the students of WRSD.

​For additional information, please click on the  link to the FY16 WRSD​ Budget Book (FY16 WRSD Budget Book​).  This informational document  has been shared with all​ five Member Towns.