Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Holden Pupil Population Study Task Force

In all towns with schools that have common grade configurations, specific boundaries are established for each school. In Holden, the current boundary configuration for the three elementary schools, Dawson, Mayo and Davis Hill, has been in place for 15 years. Student populations increase or decrease and over time schools feel the burden associated with the ebb and flow of the population changes. Currently, all three elementary schools in Holden are dealing with changing student populations. It is for this reason that I have established the Holden Pupil Population Study Task Force. The first meeting of the task force took place on Tuesday, April 14th.  Fourteen members of the public (parents and community volunteers) and District administration met to review and discuss the increasing student population in Holden and to begin the process of addressing issues that are resulting from the increasing number of students, specifically at the elementary level. I was very impressed with the questions and comments at our first meeting and I am looking forward to this group working together over the next several months. The next meeting of this task force has been scheduled for Thursday, May 14th.