Thursday, October 23, 2014

The 2014 MCAS presentation

MCAS scores were recently released by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and administration and teachers are in the process of reviewing data associated with the scores.  We have some concerns about current trends and are determining the necessary corrective action to alleviate these issues, especially in the area of Student Growth and subgroups.  The use of data to help drive instruction keeps educators aligned  with the learning occurring in classrooms, but we must remember that MCAS is a snapshot in time in terms of student learning. Principals have begun to analyze their data and are providing feedback to grade level teams and individual teachers around items such as student growth and specific areas in need of improvement. 

At our most recent School Committee Meeting, Nancy Fournier, the Director of Assessment and Accountability, reviewed the WRSD MCAS scores for 2014.  The presentation was well received and included an MCAS overview Powerpoint.  Please take time to review the presentation linked below: